Travel Blog: London

Hey there! Here’s a little update from Paris 🙂 I moved into my apartment this week, which was a huge blessing, and started classes at Novancia Business School! A lot of fun things happened in Paris this last week, but those stories will have to wait for another day because I want to dedicate this blog post to my little weekend trip to London with my boyfriend, Mark!

Mark and I have been dating for 6 and a ½ years (hehe yes we were just beginning high school!) and have always loved traveling together. He is also spending the semester studying abroad, but in Madrid, Spain. While not being together on a daily basis is definitely a change for us, it is so fun meeting up in different European cities! London got the privilege of being our first city in Europe together and it was really one of the best weekends ever! We both just loved the city. The people were so friendly, the food was delicious, and the weather, while a bit rainy at times, wasn’t too bad for London! It was also nice to be in an English speaking country for a couple of days 😛

Here are some of the highlights!

Favorite Sights:

Chinese New Year – unknowingly to us, it’s one of the busiest weekends in London!Buckingham Palace – watching the guards march from post to post and follow their routine was so fascinating!Big Ben – fun fact… Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the towerThe London Eye – the view was incredible!Double-decker bus tour – the weather all weekend was pretty gloomy, but the temperature itself wasn’t too bad so we really enjoyed getting to view London from the top of a classic red bus!

Favorite Eats:

Fish & Chips – I’m not a huge fish fan but mmmm it was SO good! | Master’s Super FishChicken Tiki Masala – one of London’s national dishes! We had originally planned on going to Dishoom, but the line was too long, so we ended up at Punjab and were pleasantly surprised! | PunjabEnglish Tea & Crumpets – you can’t go to London without a spot of tea! | The Muffin Man Tea ShopWine in a cave – Yep, it was as cool as it sounds | Gordon’s Wine BarMango Chili Chicken Wrap — My friend Kelsey has been telling me to try Nando’s for years and I’m so glad I finally got the chance! | Nando’s

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A Few iPhone Pics

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Thoughts of the Week:

What I’m loving right now: British accents. Ah they’re just the best.

What I’m not loving right now: The dollar to pound exchange rate… ouch that hurt.

What I’m surprised about: How modern some parts of London were! You didn’t see as much of that old European vibe as Paris, for example.

Favorite moment: seeing Mark for the first time since we left home!!!

Favorite travel item: My eBag weekender backpack! This thing is the size of a carry-on, but you can fit so much more in it since it’s a soft-shell backpack! It’s perfect for budget airlines because the attendants never even ask you to check your bag since it’s on your back 😛 

Not only was it fun to visit London, but it was so so great to experience it all with my best friend <3 Until next time!

– Cassie XO