Sunset Rustic Engagement Session

 Couple laughing at rustic fall Indiana engagement shoot.

I cannot say enough about how awesome these two are and how much fun we had during their rustic fall engagement session in West Lafayette, Indiana. Not only are Katie & Brian the up-for-anything, laugh through the cold, kind of couple that I LOVE capturing, but they’re also crazy about each other. Wanna know just how in-love they are? Well here’s how Katie described her fiancé to me: “He is such a God-loving man, an amazing leader, and the most kind, humble, loving person you could ever meet. He has a heart of gold and is such a servant of the Lord, our families, friends, and community. It is truly such an honor to have him as my best friend and future husband. “ OKAY CUE TEARS (tears that will continue to fall while scrolling thru these pictures of their adorable-ness!)

indiana-fall-engagement-photographer.jpg katie-brian-engagement-37.jpg katie-brian-engagement-1.jpg katie-brian-engagement-87.jpg  Man picking up woman at carefree & fun engagement session west-lafayette-wedding-enagagement-photographer.jpg katie-brian-engagement-99.jpg katie-brian-engagement-82.jpg katie-brian-engagement-92.jpg katie-brian-engagement-43.jpg katie-brian-engagement-61.jpg katie-brian-engagement-107.jpg katie-brian-engagement-142.jpg  Couple having a tickle fight during adorable Indiana engagement session. indiana-couple-engagement-pictures.jpg katie-brian-engagement-156.jpg katie-brian-engagement-167.jpg katie-brian-engagement-111.jpg katie-brian-engagement-117.jpg  Couple giggles before kiss at Indiana engagement shoot. katie-brian-engagement-121.jpg  Snuggled up couple at rustic autumn photo shoot in Indiana sunset-field-engagement-pictures.jpg katie-brian-engagement-229.jpg  Romantic image of a couple during their outdoor engagement session katie-brian-engagement-215.jpg katie-brian-engagement-221.jpg  Cute couple spins and laughs at Lafayette, IN engagement sessions  Couple kisses in front of open field and Indiana sunset