Cabo Beach Shoot


Megan & Daniel

Los Cabos, Mexico

I recently returned from a trip to Cabo for spring break and it was absolutely AMAZING. Every day was spent basking in the sunshine next to the ocean with a happy hour margarita in my hand. In other words, I was livin’ my best life!   It was just the break I needed before heading into my last few weeks of college. The best part was that my boyfriend and I got to go with some of our best friends, Megan & Daniel! Some of the highlights from the trip include eating endless tacos (the shrimp tacos at El Fish & Grill were insane), seeing whales on our boating adventure with Cabo Sails, and of course staying at the beautiful Cabo Azul Resort!

Also – what’s a trip to the beach without a photo shoot?! I absolutely loved getting to capture Megan & Daniel because their love for each other is just so obvious through their interactions! Constantly dancing through the waves, hugging, laying sweet lil kisses on each other, they were a photographer’s dream! My vision for this shoot was care-free, spirited, and romantic and I think we really captured that! Check out some of my favorite shots (probabaly of ALL TIME) below!

183A6869.jpg 183A6883.jpg 183A6856.jpg 183A6873.jpg 183A6846.jpg beach3.jpg 183A6897.jpg beach2.jpg 183A6970.jpg beach4.jpg 183A6993.jpg 183A7056.jpg 183A7044.jpg 183A7126.jpg 183A7110.jpg 183A7062.jpg 183A7108.jpg 183A7086.jpg 183A7161.jpg 183A7207.jpg 183A7253.jpg

The waves got just a little crazy!

beach6.jpg 183A7226.jpg 183A7115.jpg 183A7404.jpg beach7.jpg 183A7311.jpg 183A7314.jpg 183A7318.jpg 183A7324.jpg 183A7399.jpg