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Your wedding photos deserve to live beyond your phone screen

We all have thousands of photos taking up space on our phones, but there's nothing like seeing an image come to life. Memories that you can hold in your hands, display in your home, and pass down to the next generation. These heirloom wedding albums are different, because they're designed to withstand the test of time. All albums come with custom cover options, storybook lay-flat pages, and archival photographic paper. Oh, and they're guaranteed for life.

Handcrafted Albums to be passed down generation after generation

Size options:

8x8" - starting at $1000

10x10" - starting at $1250

12x12" - starting at $1500

6 6

Luxe Cover Options

And Answers




Who picks the images?

How many photos are included?

You do! All you have to do is "favorite" your top images in your final wedding gallery, then leave the hard part to me! I'll take your favorite moments and create a cohesive design that beautifully tells your story. I will send the final design to you to review, make any requested changes, finalize all cover details and add-ons, then send it into print! Your heirloom wedding album will be on your doorstop ready to showoff within 6 weeks!

A full spread includes the left and right side when laying open. Spreads are creased in the center for a seamless lay-flat design. 10 spreads are included in each album, which usually equals about 50-75 images! You can always add on more spreads if needed!



Why are they more expensive than other printing places?

Are they really guaranteed for life?

YES! While these albums aren't life-proof and do require a little care to keep them pristine, they are designed to last a lifetime! If they don't, let me know and I'll take care of it.

While places like Shutterfly and Walgreens are awesome for quick and easy printing, for your wedding, you definitely want something high-quality that reflects the beauty and intentionality behind your day! These heirloom albums are crafted by hand with true photographic paper and archival materials. They're the best in the biz, so much so that they're only available to professional photographers!

Featured add-on

Album Boxes

These handcrafted presentation boxes are the perfect heirloom for storing, protecting and showcasing your albums. The luxe linen boxes include the same high-quality fabric as your wedding album. For leather albums, the walnut boxes feature dovetail joints, your choice of three different stains, and a smooth finish.


Mini Albums

Add a 6x6” smaller duplicate of your album! Perfect as a thank you gift or holiday present. The mini album will have the exact same cover and design as the main album.

$300 each

The perfect Parent thank you gift!

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