City Chic Chicago Engagement Session

 Chicago couple kissing on State Street Bridge

This chic city winter session was SO much fun that my face literally hurt afterwards from smiling so much behind the camera. Caitlin & Cory are actual goals and shooting their engagement pictures in downtown Chicago was a DREAM! We started their shoot at the iconic State Street bridge by the Riverwalk to get some classic Chitown shots. Couples who offer to climb up on the railing amidst traffic + brutal Chicago wind are my kind of couples! Obviously safety first, but then… gotta do it for the shot! 😉

 city background at Chicago, illinois engagement session caitlin-cory-engagement-3.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-63.jpg winter-chicago-engaged-couple-photos.jpg  Chicago couple poses by Riverwalk at downtown engagement session chicago-illinois-city-couple-pictures.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-71.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-69.jpg

Next stop: Caitlin’ & Cory’s neighborhood — West Loop! I love incorporating locations that are special to my couples. Wherever life takes them, they’ll always have these photos to remember their time together here! The West Loop has this industrial, up-and-coming vibe with an abundance of amazing restaurants and cool alleyways. I loved shooting here!

caitlin-cory-engagement-95.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-89.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-91.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-80.jpg  Couple crossing street in West Loop Chicago neighborhood chicago-engagement-pictures-photographer.jpg  Couple laughing by Green Street in West Loop Chicago, IL

One of my favorite parts of any engagement sessions is getting to hear the proposal story! It’s so fun listening to all sides of the story, from the guy’s original plan and the inevitable hiccups that make the story even better, to what she’s thinking is going on the whole time! Cory asked Caitlin to spend forever with him on top of a mountain in Hallstat. I’ve visited this adorable Austrian village before and I can attest that it is a perfect place to get down on one knee! The shoot ended at dusk with Caitlin & Cory surrounded by twinkling, golden lights in the middle of the city. So romantic!

caitlin-cory-engagement-162.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-152.jpg  Couple sitting in downtown Chicago with string lights background caitlin-cory-engagement-140.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-148.jpg downtown-chicago-engagement-pictures.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-170.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-172.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-174.jpg  Kissing couple in Chicago, IL with downtown city lights caitlin-cory-engagement-181.jpg caitlin-cory-engagement-184.jpg

I can’t wait to capture the next chapter of Caitlin & Cory’s love story at their wedding this August!