Paris Couples Shoot


Last spring, when I studied abroad in Paris, I got to meet a super cool chick who was a graduate student at my French university. From the very first day of orientation, Andrea was so sweet to me and introduced me to all of her friends! I soon learned that Andrea was from Mexico and had the best story of how she ended up in Paris. During her semester abroad, she met a dashing Parisian guy in one of her classes. It was love at first sight and she ended up staying in Paris to continue her education and be with him! Together, Andrea and Simon have an adorable little pup, spend their free time traveling the world, and even go to Mexico to visit Andrea’s family!

One of my favorite things about Andrea & Simon’s relationship is that they speak English, French, and Spanish to each other! During their shoot, there were plein de bisous (a lot of kisses!) and a bunch of snuggles 🙂 Usually, I’m not a fan of dreary, rainy weather, as I prefer lots of sunshine! But if there’s a city that looks just as beautiful in the sun as it does in the rain, it’s Paris. I was going for a moodier, film look for this shoot, and the overcast weather definitely helped us accomplish that! 

 I’ve been DYING to do a couple’s photo shoot in Paris for so so long and I’m still ecstatic that Andrea & Simon agreed to be my models! This shoot was a dream come true! 

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