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& adventures


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It's hard to imagine life without Mark because we've been together since we were 14 years old! From high school and college, to traveling the world together, we've been inseparable ever since. He has always been the biggest supporter of me following my dreams and being a full-time photographer! Some of our favorite things to do together are go to country concerts, spend summer days on the lake, and scour Yelp for the best homemade pasta dishes :P

Portrait Photographer in Fort Worth Texas

I lived & studied in

My favorite Food

everything bagels

Paris, France

I started this business

One thing on my bucket list is

to go skydiving

at the age of 15

I Attended college at

I’m Addicted to

Purdue University


My favorite wedding Reception Song

Most People don't know that

Sweet Caroline

I'm an eighth Italian

Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Before you commit to this third-wheel relationship, there's


a Couple

you should know

I absolutely love country music, but will never force it upon you during your shoot (unless Eric Church comes on shuffle, because then no skips allowed). I'm a huge believer that no place is too far and no adventure is too big, so pack your sneakers! And just a forewarning, we're definitely going to have a lot of fun, so get ready for jokes about being an honorary bridesmaid instead of your photographer.

If you're down with all that, then reach out and say hey!