A Round Barn Wedding

Emma & David’s wedding day started off as a cool September morning. The grounds of the Kelley Agricultural Museum were calm as everyone moved to complete the finishing touches. The bride enjoyed the morning and took her time getting ready in an old farm house filled antique pieces.

a-gettingready-details-1.JPG gettingready-8_bw.JPG a-gettingready-details-16.JPG details-27.jpg gettingready-1.jpg gettingready-14_bw.JPG gettingready-4.jpg gettingready-25.JPG gettingready-27_bw.JPG gettingready-3.jpg gettingready-30.JPG

In between making sure everything for the day was right in placed, David kept asking me how his Emma was. He was so excited and couldn’t wait to finally see his bride in her dress!

gettingready-5.jpg gettingready-65_bw.JPG

Emma & David elected to do a first look before their ceremony so that they could go right into celebrating with their family and friends at the reception. The sight of Emma brought David to tears; it was such a sweet and special moment between the two of them!

bride-groom-1.JPG bride-groom-4_bw.JPG bride-groom-7.JPG bride-groom-14.JPG bride-groom-11.JPG bride-groom-12_bw.JPG

The red round barn made the perfect backdrop for Emma & David’s vows. All of the burgundy and navy details tied in effortlessly with the rustic accents and gorgeous flowers that were curated throughout the property.

ceremony-2.jpg weddingparty-61_bw.JPG ceremony-1.jpg ceremony-10.JPG ceremony-19-2_bw.JPG ceremony-53.JPG ceremony-36.JPG ceremony-32.JPG ceremony-43.JPG ceremony-70.JPG bg-1.jpg bride-groom-31.JPG bride-groom-51.JPG bg-2.jpg bride-groom-44_bw.JPG bride-groom-54.JPG bride-groom-56.JPG bg-4.jpg weddingparty-4.JPG weddingoarty-1.jpg weddingparty-20.JPG bg-5.jpg bride-groom-93.JPG bg-3.jpg weddingparty-35.JPG weddingparty-44.JPG bg-6.jpg

What a stunning wedding party, am I right?!

details-78.JPG details-80.JPG details-44.JPG details-69.JPG details-59.JPG details-60.JPG details-2.jpg reception-21.JPG reception-20_bw.JPG details-51.JPG details-95.JPG details-1.jpg details-96.JPG details-100.JPG details-65.JPG

The guys surprised everyone with glow-in-the-dark suspenders! So fun!

weddingparty-71.jpg reception-42.JPG reception-37.JPG reception-61.JPG reception-67.JPG reception-74.JPG reception-75_bw.JPG reception-95.JPG reception-96_bw.JPG reception-101.JPG

As the evening went on, the brisk overcast skies from earlier transformed into a glowy and bright sunset!

sunset-1.jpg sunset-4_bw.JPG sunset-22.JPG sunset-16.JPG sunset-35_bw.JPG sunset-50.JPG

The party continued as the sky turned colors and the guests danced under the twinkling string lights. It was such a beautiful scene to behold. Outdoor weddings FOR THE WIN!

reception-166.JPG reception-175.JPG reception-167.JPG reception-164A.JPG reception-1.jpg reception-204.JPG

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cooper! You two are the sweetest, most gracious people ever and I enjoyed every second of capturing your special day!

reception-188.JPG reception-196.JPG


Venue: Kelley Agricultural Historical Museum • Hair: Kayla Moore • Dress: Leena’s Bridal • Flowers: Leslie Alley • Entertainment: DJ Connection • Catering: Hawg Heaven • Cake: J. Edwards Fine Chocolates & Gourmet Cakes