Downtown Columbia Club Wedding


From the early hours of getting ready in the morning, to dancing into the late hours of the night, every moment of Megan & Michael’s wedding day was filled to the brim with emotion, excitement and love. Many deep laughs were had and many tender tears were shed. After getting to know them over the past year, I’ve seen what a perfect match Megan & Michael are. They are both warm-hearted, fun-loving, and completely devoted to their families and each other. Watching them celebrate with their loved ones showed how widely cherished and beloved they are.

As a wedding photographer, I love preserving the beauty and significance of such an event. I’m also drawn to capturing the feelings that tend to fade with the rush of the day. There were so many sweet moments during Megan & Michael’s wedding day that I hope when they look back on these photos years down the road, they’re able to feel the exact emotions they felt on their wedding day. I want all of my couples to remember the jitters, happiness, friendship, and love that they felt, because that’s what really matters at the end of the day <3

Okay okay I know, enough sappiness! Haha if you couldn’t tell, this wedding at the Columbia Club in Indianapolis was a complete joy for me to photograph. Keep scrolling to see my favorite moments from Megan & Michael’s special day!

bride-26.JPG bride-4.JPG bride-34.JPG bride-24.jpg bride-25.JPG megan5.jpg bride-56.JPG details3.jpg bride-72_bw.JPG details2.jpg bride-94_bw.JPG bride-109.JPG bride2.jpg bride-101.JPG bride-124_bw.JPG megan2.jpg bride-129.jpg

The entire event was a huge celebration, yet each little detail seemed to flow so effortlessly together. Megan’s dress, featuring the most gorgeous train, looked absolutely stunning on her. Michael even had a special engraving on the interior of his wedding band. The wedding party killed it in their peach and gold accents and the beautiful flowers added even more sunshine to an already bright June day.

groom-6.jpg groom-3.jpg mike1.jpg bride-150_bw.jpg bride-140.jpg bride-153.jpg bride-147_bw.jpg megan3.jpg

Megan’s first look with her father was so special. I can’t imagine how proud he must’ve been to see his little girl off to marry the love of her life.

bride-174_bw.JPG bride-176.JPG bride-182.JPG father1.jpg bride-194.JPG

Can we take a moment to talk about these windows at the Columbia Club? Gorgeous! It was the perfect spot to capture a few last shots of the beautiful bride before she walked down the aisle.

megan4.jpg bride-202.JPG ceremony-1.jpg ceremony-142.jpg ceremony-39.JPG ceremony-45_bw.JPG ceremony-50.JPG ceremony-60.JPG ceremony-71_bw.JPG ceremony-61.JPG kiss1.jpg

And with a kiss, they sealed the deal!

weddingparty-119.JPG weddingparty-134.jpg couple1.jpg weddingparty-126.jpg DV1A1762.jpg weddingparty-23.JPG weddingparty-88.jpg weddingparty-35.JPG weddingparty-107.JPG weddingparty-19.JPG weddingparty-35A.JPG weddingparty-27.JPG weddingparty-110.JPG weddingparty-33.JPG weddingparty-233.JPG sharelis2.jpg weddingparty-150.JPG groom2.jpg weddingparty-206.jpg 183A3565.jpg weddingparty-164.jpg weddingparty-173.JPG groom3.jpg weddingparty-250.JPG weddingparty-147_bw.JPG bride1.jpg weddingparty-153.JPG weddingparty-223.jpg weddingparty-278.JPG sharelis3.jpg weddingparty-284.JPG weddingparty-271.JPG weddingparty-6.JPG weddingparty-265_bw.JPG weddingparty-12.JPG weddingparty-197.JPG

This is the exact spot is where Megan & Michael had their first kiss! So of course they had to stop by as husband and wife.


Remember when I said this wedding was a huge celebration? Well check out these photos to see for yourself! Between the most heartfelt toasts, the band keeping everyone out on the dance floor, and the best man getting “iced” by the maid of honor, Megan & Mike’s reception was a party for sure!

reception1.jpg cocktailhour-34.jpg Blog.jpg cocktailhour-48.jpg DV1A1992.jpg DV1A2021.jpg reception2.jpg reception-56.jpg reception-58.jpg toasts5.jpg reception-69.JPG reception-85.jpg toasts3.jpg reception-111.jpg toatsts6.jpg reception-86.jpg reception-207.JPG dance2.jpg reception-150.JPG reception3.jpg reception-210.jpg reception4.jpg reception-215.JPG reception7.jpg

And…. let’s not forget perhaps my favorite reception photo OF ALL TIME. Hahaha I can’t help but laugh every time I look at it!


Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Sharelis! Thank you for entrusting me with documenting your special day; it was a true honor and I can’t wait to see what incredible adventures are in your future.


…and they lived happily ever after.


Hair & Make Up: Ashley Fatt • Wedding Dress: The Wedding Studio • Shoes: Badgley Mishka • Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids • Rings: J.L. Johnsons Fine Jewelers • Ring Box: The Mrs Box • Flowers: Oberer’s Flowers • Ceremony Venue: St. John the Evangelist • Reception Venue: Columbia Club • Entertainment: Ashley and The Cosmos • Second Shooter: Bailey Roberts