Elegant Indianapolis Library Wedding


September 15, 2018 was beyond gorgeous. Like the ‘no words to describe’ kind of beautiful. Lauren looked stunning with her burgundy bridesmaids and blush blooms, and Ben and the guys looked dashing in their navy suits and matching shades. The venues were incredible, the weather was perfect, but most importantly, pure happiness was everywhere. So many laughs and hugs and memories were shared between family and friends in honor of this celebration, and it was such a joyous occasion to be a part of. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Fisher!!!

gettingready-1.JPG getting-ready-1.jpg gettingready-5.JPG gettingready-30_bw.JPG gettingready-35.JPG gettingready-3.jpg bride-6.JPG bride-8.JPG bride-12.JPG bride-1.jpg bride-19.JPG bride-2.jpg bride-40.JPG groom-1.jpg groom-1-1.jpg groom-29.JPG groom-40_bw.JPG groom-69.JPG modern-elegance-wedding

I was taking photos with the guys right below the room where the girls were getting ready, but wanted to make sure that Ben didn’t see Lauren. So instead, we got this sneaky shot of them together before the ceremony! Lauren looks like a princess in her castle awaiting her knight in shining armor <3


Before we knew it, the time arrived for the “I Do’s!” Prepare yourself for one of the sweetest groom reactions EVER!

ceremony-7.JPG ceremony-1.jpg ceremony-20.JPG ceremony-2.jpg ceremony-54.JPG ceremony-4.jpg ceremony-85.JPG ceremony-75_bw.JPG ceremony-97.JPG ceremony-103.JPG

They’re married!!! And now for one of my favorite parts of the day… bride and groom portraits!

wedding party-2.JPG bg-1.jpg wedding party-10.JPG bg-2.jpg wedding party-17_bw.JPG bg-6.jpg wedding party-34.JPG wedding party-39.JPG wedding party-115_bw.JPG wedding party-113.JPG wedding party-123.JPG bg-4.jpg wedding party-131.JPG wedding party-133.JPG wedding party-118.JPG wedding party-83.JPG wedding party-86.JPG wedding party-62_bw.JPG wedding party-88.JPG wedding party-95.jpg wedding party-142.JPG bg-6.jpg wedding party-127.JPG

Groom tossing has become a thing among this friend group at recent weddings, and I’m totally about it! As much as I love the final shot, I might love the outtakes more!

groom-toss indianapolis-public-library-wedding

The atrium at the Indianapolis Public Library was incredible. Right before the reception, sun light was pouring in through the floor-to-ceiling windows creating beautiful glimmers that danced all along the glass. Gorgeous flower arrangements from Bella Sorella decorated the tables and Mr. Kintek kept the dance floor on fire all night. My favorite moment had to be when when Lauren & Ben had their first dance to a recording of Lauren singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Cue the tears!

reception-1.jpg reception-30.JPG reception-2.jpg reception-16.JPG reception-3.jpg reception-43.JPG reception-4.jpg reception-75.JPG reception-126.JPG reception-142_bw.JPG reception-138.JPG reception-139.JPG reception-5.jpg reception-86.JPG reception-6.jpg

Lauren & Ben — you guys are the bomb.com and I absolutely LOVED capturing this momentous season of your lives. I’m so happy that you found each other because you truly make the perfect pair. Cheers to you two and to many many years of love & happiness!



Hotel: Omni Severin Hotel • Hair: Keeley Crews • Make-up: Christine • Wedding Dress: Marie Gabriel Couture • Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids • Suits: Macy’s • Rings: Reis Nichols • Ring Box: The Mrs Box • Flowers: Bella Sorella • Ceremony Venue: Tabernacle Presbyterian Church • Reception Venue: The Indianapolis Public Library • Entertainment: DJ Kinetik • Catering & Cake: Ritz Charles