Travel Blog: Chicago

As winter break is coming to end, I’m trying to cram in as much as I possibly can before classes start again. One thing that was absolutely necessary was a trip to Chicago to visit my beautiful friend and Chi Omega sister, Megan! So what’s the best thing to do when you have 24 hours in the Windy City? A photo shoot of course! We spent our evening traipsing around Michigan Avenue, camera in hand, and soaking up the last bit of winter break. It’s been so long since I’ve done a “just for fun” shoot and it was that exactly, SO FUN! The rest of our night was spent eating way too much crème brûlée, planning our trip to France and Switzerland in May, and watching Midnight in Paris (we’re not obsessed with France or anything) 😛 

Check out the photos I got of my stunning friend! 

183A5545.jpg 183A5531.jpg 183A5529.jpg 183A5538.jpg 183A5544.jpg 183A5589.jpg 183A5612.jpg 183A5629.jpg 183A5664.jpg 183A5678.jpg meganedit.jpg 183A5789.jpg

Megan even snapped some shots of me and my new short(er) hair!

183A5570.jpg 183A5577.jpg 183A5710.jpg

I really like the taxi in the back of this shot 😛 Great timing, Megan!