A Travel Blog | San Diego, California

I'm back with part two of my spring break trip to California! Part one included lots of photos of my boyfriend, Mark, and I during our 24 hours in Los Angeles. The next day, after a beautiful coastal train ride down south, we made it to sunny San Diego! 

Our first day was spent shopping, which is a favorite pastime of mine ;) We also explored the Kit Carson Park adjacent to my grandma's (aka Grammie's) house!

The next day, Mark and I got up bright & early for a hike to Potato Chip Rock! It was a *rough* 7 miles roundtrip, but totally worth the awesome shots we got at the top! 

Look how strong we are! 


JUST KIDDING! It's an illusion ;)

Gotta throw what I know! ;) 

On the third day, Mark and I headed towards the coast to get lunch and walk around before our KAYAKING trip! We found a little sandwich shop on top of a cliff that hang gliders use as a take-off spot! It was pretty cool :)

We then headed to La Jolla, which is one of my favorite areas EVER, to walk around some more and eat gelato. There's one specific area in a cove that's filled with seals just lying around in the sun! I'm still not positive if they're seals or sea lions, but either way, they are CUTE! Especially the baby ones :P

Next stop was our kayaking tour! I didn't bring my big camera in the middle of the ocean obviously, but the kayaking company did give me a little underwater disposable one! There's just something so exciting about bringing a disposable film camera on an adventure and having to wait two weeks to get the prints back. You don't know what to expect and when you finally see the shots, it's like reliving the moments all over again.

Our kayaking trip was definitely a highlight of the week. We got to be right on the water to watch the sunset, and we saw tons of seals swimming around!

The fourth day was DATE NIGHT! Every time Mark and I go on vacation together, we ALWAYS plan a sushi & putt-putt date night! We've done this date in Indiana, twice in Florida, twice in South Carolina, and now California! We're hoping to add Arizona to our list this summer when we visit the Grand Canyon :P

Our date night also included a trip to San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park! The architecture is just stunning! 

At our next stop, we got some of my FAVORITE pictures from the entire trip. If you're ever in the San Diego area, you MUST go watch the sunset at Sunset Cliffs. It's just breathtaking!

Our last full day was spent shopping, beaching, and trying to find the best authentic Mexican food (shoutout to Juanito's Taco Shop -- the California burrito was ahhhmazing) We of course brought along our little disposable camera!

Next to the outdoor mall we went to, there was a BEAUTIFUL field of flowers!

So I was born in California and lived there the first 8 years of my life. Mark, on the other hand, grew up in the Midwest. So he never had the privilege of IN-N-OUT BURGER! He instantly became obsessed with it (like the rest of the West coast) so we had to fully document our THIRD and final visit of the week. 

When I finally let Mark eat his burger after taking pictures of it first...


To end our amazing spring break, we did a mini family shoot with Grammie, Auntie Pam, and my cousin Adam, who is a senior in high school this year! It was such a privilege to take his senior pictures :)

I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures from my trip! It was the perfect escape from school and I know I will cherish these memories forever <3 Senior season is already in full-swing and wedding season is right around the corner! So keep an eye on the blog because lots of exciting shoots are coming soon :)