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Gabi's Senior Pictures | West Lafayette

I have another senior session to share today! This fall, I had the privilege of taking Gabi’s senior pictures and what a fun shoot it was! I’m especially excited to blog this session because of all of the variety we got! We were able to capture some gorgeous autumn leaves and bright blue skies while also getting some darker-toned, moodier shots.

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Beth's Senior Pictures | Central Catholic

Indiana isn't necessarily known for it's gorgeous landscapes, but it does do fall pretty well ;) This fall we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather for weeks and weeks which made those golden leaves last extra long! Pretty much a photographer's dream weather! This also meant that I took as many seniors as I possibly could! I have a feeling that I'll be playing "catch-up" on all of these shoots well into winter break now. But if that means I can have a little escape from the cold and relive this past fall, I'm all for it!

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Jennifer's Senior Pictures | Central Catholic

Happy Friday! I just finished up Jennifer's senior picture gallery and wanted to share a collection of my absolute favorites with you! Jennifer is a senior at Central Catholic and is obviously SO gorgeous! We had the perfect fall day for roaming around and taking pretty pictures :) 

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