Meg's Senior Pictures | West Lafayette

The perfect golden hour, a wigwam (yes!), and a lush pink sunset... Meg's senior session has it all!

There's so many aspects that go into planning and preparing for a senior session. My shoots are very casual, in the sense that we just have fun running around, chasing the light, and taking pictures. But there's a lot different aspects that go into the perfect shoot! There's deciding on outfits, hair and makeup, choosing a location that fits the senior's personal style, and hoping that all of the natural elements (wind, rain, bugs) don't misbehave! I never expect everything to go perfectly, but I have to say, Meg's shoot ended up being pretty close! During the busy season, there's nothing like an amazing shoot to reignite the flame within a creative soul :)

There's a running joke that Meg has been to four of my senior sessions, but only one of them was hers! Meg has a natural talent with a makeup brush and has helped a bunch of my seniors feel glamorous for their session. Her makeup expertise and smiling face will definitely be missed during senior shoots next year, but I'm so excited to see what great things she will go on to accomplish! Have an awesome rest of senior year, Meg!