Maria's Senior Pictures | West Lafayette


Finding unique and photogenic shooting locations for my seniors has always been a challenge, but one that I love tackling! When most people think of great backgrounds, they think of sunsets on the beach or sweeping mountain views. While we don't have any of that scenery in good ol' Indiana, it does force me to think outside the box and get creative. While driving around town, I'm constantly keeping my eyes peeled for cool brick walls, or small patches of flowers in beautiful light. It's amazing what you  find when you search for the best in everything! Some of my favorite shooting spots have been little nooks that I've stumbled upon while walking to class, or an old shed that everyone overlooks in the back lot of my sorority's house (lol true story!) 

Even though the location and styling play a role in curating the perfect session; I always stay focused on the people I'm capturing to make them feel as amazing as they already are. I had so much fun hanging out with Maria and her mom a few weeks ago! We had to reschedule Maria's senior session a few times due to rain, but I'm so glad we waited for the right weather. We ended up shooting on the most beautiful September evening! Not only were the conditions perfect, but the company was great as well! Maria is so kind, intelligent, and has the best smile. Oh, and she's an all-star pole vaulter! I seriously love every single laughing shot I got of her (and there were a LOT) because she looked so genienly happy about life! I already know that Maria is going to do big things with her future, and I can't wait to see where her dreams will take her! Enjoy some of my favorite shots from her senior session! 

Hair by Annissa Zimmerman from Bliss Hair Salon