Grace's Senior Pictures | West Lafayette

Grace's senior shoot was like something out of an American Eagle advertisement! Between her adorable beanie, a bunch of Christmas trees, and some woodsy backgrounds, the session really ended up matching the brand's vibe! 

We began Grace's shoot at Mattern's Pine Ridge Nursery, where we found a ton of great spots-- my favorite being the log pile we spotted under a shed! It's where we captured some of my ALL-TIME favorite shots from this year! After taking a break in the car to blast the heat and thaw out a bit, we headed downtown where we stumbled upon a killer vine wall! New locations for the win!

I seriously don't think Grace could get any more photogenic; she's just stunning!!! In addition to being a total beauty, she's also a talented singer and loves ice skating! I had so much fun working with Grace and I can't wait to see where she ends up next year!