A Travel Blog | The Grand Canyon

Last month, I got the opportunity to travel with my boyfriend, Mark, and his family to Arizona for a week and visit arguably the most amazing of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World... The Grand Canyon! During our week in the southwest, we visited Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff, Page, and The Grand Canyon National Park. Each spot offered so many fun things to do and amazing places to see! And of course, every where you looked was like something out of a photographer's dream. So I just had to write a blog post to share some of my favorite images with you all! 

One of my favorite things we did in Sedona was a Pink Jeep tour throughout the red rock country! 

If you're ever in the Sedona area, I totally recommend visiting Slide Rock State Park! It's a natural waterslide and was the perfect way to cool off after riding through the red rocks all day. I didn't bring my camera along, for fear of it getting wet, but definitely Google the park!

It's crazy how vastly different Arizona's landscapes are. We saw deserts, forests, canyons, and rivers... all within a few hours of each other!

Here's the awesome family who let me tag along on their vacation! 

While exploring the Sedona area, we stayed in a pretty neat cabin complete with elk heads and antler light fixtures. 

The second half of our week was spent at the amazing Grand Canyon! It's just so colorful and majestic and GRAND! Honestly, the canyon is quite indescribable so I'm going to just let the pictures do the talking ;)

Our first evening at the canyon, we got to experience the most incredible sunset I've ever seen. Mark's little brother, Nate, is going to be a senior this fall and was set on getting his senior pictures taken at the Grand Canyon. We couldn't have planned a better time to take them than during this sunset! 

A once-in-a-lifetime sunset calls for grabbing your boyfriend and hopping in front of the camera for a few shots! Shoutout to Nate for snapping these!

There's no one else I would dance on the edge of the Grand Canyon with :)


So, for the past year or so, I've been DYING to visit Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona and.... I finally got the chance to go! Easily one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

It should've been called Rainbow Canyon! So many shades of orange laced with deep purple and fire-y red tones within the rock.

When we visited in the late morning, the sun was shining through some crevices at the top of the canyon to create these incredible light beams!

The ground was covered with sand, so we threw some into the light beams to get these cool shots!

Another place I had been dying to visit was Horseshoe Bend and it was luckily very close to Antelope Canyon! 

I think I gave Mark a heart attack while taking this picture :D

You can really see the horseshoe shape in this shot!

Looking back at these pictures, I still can't believe that I got to experience such a beautiful oasis!

Another day in the Grand Canyon, we took a mule rid along the rim! It was definitely one of the coolest experiences ever! Here's an iPhone picture of the view from my mule (whose name was Cher)

 For our last night in the Grand Canyon, I shot a mini family session for the Smith's and took a few more senior pictures for Nate! Thanks again to my second family for inviting me on the this trip of a lifetime!  

I hope you enjoyed getting to see pictures from my trip and it has inspired you to plan your own adventure out West!